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    Performance management we develop is the practice of services using the latest data to improve the quality, technical and expertise level of performance.
     This practice involves strategic use of performance measures and standards to establish performance targets and goals, to prioritize and allocate resources, to inform managers about needed adjustments or changes in policy or program directions to meet goals, to frame reports and to improve the quality of maintenance practice.

    For the project work the following high-level overview steps will consist of:
    1. Documenting the current process to be analyzed.
    2. Measuring the current process and developing a baseline. Measures may be customer-based and organizational-based.
    o Customer-based measures include:
    - Customer satisfaction.
    - Service level.
    - Time to perform
    - Accuracy of customer orders, etc.
    o Organizational-based measures may include:
    - Utilization of resources.
    - Level of utilization of the available services.
    - Cost per unit for development, etc.
    3. Validating the documented current process and ensuring measures are appropriately.
    4. Setting new measures for the process based on organizational long-term goals.
    5. Analyzing the process as documented to make improvements. This, along with documenting a process, can be the most significant amount of time on the project.
    6. Design and develop changes to the process to ensure improvements as desired.
    7. Validate the design to the process.
    8. Implement the new process change.
    9. Review and measure the results of the new process change: measure against baseline measures in a designated time period.

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