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     Why we consider that HSEQ it is important? Because Rig Service assumes responsability for:
    - people
    - environment
    - stakeholders
     Rig Service does not allow and will not tolerate dangerous conditions or activities, unsafe, unhealthy or harmful to the environment, activities over which has control.
     Implementation and achievement of health management and occupational safety and environmental protection is supported with full responsibility and authority by the management organization at the highest level, ensuring the administrative, technical and organizational framework and, especially, by providing human, material and financial resources.

     Management has defined responsibilities, authorities and functional relationships for all personnel who design, manage, perform and check the processes and activities that affect quality that may have influence on the environment and can affect health.
     Our scope is continuous improvement of our activities, processes and working environment. Delimiting consistently objectives and monitoring their fulfillment,we create conditions for the continuous improvement. Besides the economic objectives, also are well established goals related to health, safety, environment and quality.
     We take measures to limit risks by appropriate analysis, adapting to technological progress our locations and increase awareness of our employees regarding environmental issues and safety through continuing education and concrete information.

Rewarding and Recognition in HSEQ

    The best results in 2014 were obtained all the same by:
    - Stefan Tudosanu
    - Moise George
    We wish them to be as consistent in the next period.

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AddressMarc Aureliu no. 18 Street, 900744 Constanta
Phone+ 40241 586 406
+ 40241 639 500
+ 40(0)372 738 741
Fax+ 40241 586 448

Checking safety valves - On line Checking

    Besides the classical method of checking the safety valves on stationary bench, RIG SERVICE uses also the on-line checking technology on mounting posi ..... [detalii]

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