Usually, the predictive maintenance is mainly applied to the equipments or plants with critical function in the system, the so called key equipment. A continuous monitoring is recommended and based on this an efficient planning can be realized even when the damage is probable to occurs, long before failure. Thus, interventions are done immediately when the running parameters require. The equipment life cycle is significant extended by early detection of deficiencies such as: misalignment, dynamic unbalance, bearing faults, power transmission chains, inadequate lubrication, electrical malfunctions, etc.
    High performance predictive maintenance along with other maintenance procedures, significantly increases the time between two corrective maintenances and reduce their number in a given time. RIG SERVICE SA thought the maintenance management based on the idea of implementing an integrated system (software application) to ensure services at the highest level, with minimum resources. We have the know-how to monitor equipment operating characteristics (pressure, temperature, vibration, etc.) and use a specialized software that provide support for maintenance management to prevent occurrence of corrective works. This Maintenance Management System, called Rig Service Maintenance System is integrated with other components of management system according to ISO 9001, such as:
     - Inventory Management,
     - Acquisition Management,
     - Fixed assets Management,
     - Accounting Management.