Instrumental testing for calibration of specific devices. Rig Service is certified by Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology for assemblage, calibration and certification of measuring and control appliances:
    o pressure gauges for gas or liquids with measuring ranges: - 1...1000 bar;
    o local pressure recorders (Barton, Foxborro, Fepa Barlad, etc);
    o Liquid-glass thermometers;
    o Gauge and metallic thermometers;
    o Digital thermometers;
    o Ammeters;
    o Voltmeters
    o Ohmmeters;
    o Megohmmeters;
    o Digital multimeters;
    o Clampmeters;
    o Electronic transducers for pressure, temperature, flow;
    o Electronic recorders with one or more channels;
    o Pneumatic Transducers;
    o Signal adapters from the automate installations (resistance - current adapter, current - temperature adapter, etc.)