Besides the classical method of checking the safety valves on stationary bench, RIG SERVICE uses also the on-line checking technology on mounting position, thus eliminating valve removal on position, transportation and reinstatement.
    The most important advantage is the elimination of production losses caused by removal of the technological equipment on which the safety valve is mounted.
    Test equipment for safety valves is certified by ISCIR for performance tests of safety valves approval and checking (opening - closing) according to PT C 7-2010, with parameters: NPmax = 250bar, NDmax = 250mm.
    • fast connection to spring safety valve;
    • three sensors equipment;
     - force sensor;
     - displacement sensor;
     - acoustic sensor;
    • parameters resulting from the checks are stored in a database;
    • results are presented in graphical form with the values provided by sensors;
    • software allows obtained values analysis and determines the release pressure value and whether it is within the set pressure deviation (as: ASME CODE; PT C7 / 2010, ISCIR).
     - need of knowing the contact area between valve and valve seat.
    • open / close function test for spring safety valve is performed without valve removal from the mounting position, with the fluid, at working temperature and pressure;
    • ISCIR authorized method;
    • open / close function test for spring safety valves NDmax = 250mm si NPmax = 250 bar;
    • checking bulletin issued for the safety valve;
    • ATEX construction;
    • shutdown avoidance;
    • compact equipment, easy to install and operate.