Organization-wide, health and safety of our employees and those working for us are the standards by which we measure our success. We know that success is as long as nobody is hurt and others follow our example.
    We aspire to create and maintain a positive safety culture, both from management by personal example and from employees by empowering them to stop work when they feel insecure.
    We managed that since 2010, not to record any events that have the effect of temporary work incapacity, disability or death.
    This was made possible through the active involvement of all personnel of the organization RIG SERVICE, workers`s health and safety initiatives are implemented effectively, from information of existing workplace risks to their treatment with high reliability. These risks are communicated to all persons interested in working with us since the previous phase of employment.
    To demonstrate compliance with applicable legal requirements and standards in health and safety at work and emergencies, RIG SERVICE always provide training courses.
    These courses runs under the guidance of specialists from the company or lecturers, external trainers of training courses.