Our qualified and experienced employees that acquired an important high-level practical and technical mix of knowledgement, represent main growing resource of RIG SERVICE .
    Currently, RIG SERVICE has over 500 employees, covering a large area of branch of knowledge: engineers, drillers, mechanics, jack man, motorman, electricians, crane operators, lathe operators, welders, instrument technicians, radio operators, etc.Part of our personnel has professional experience gained in more than 30 years, starting with 1976 when a jack-up platform drilled the first well in the Black Sea. This part of personnel represented a real reference book and contributed to practical training for the rising generation of specialised employees.
    Our personnel worked onboard production and drilling platforms in Black Sea, for Petrom Company-member of OMV group, and also as subcontractor in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh, Persian Gulf for foreign partners as: TPAO-Turkey, TOTAL - France, CAIRN - U.K., Momentum Engineering - U.K., Enterprise Oil - U.K., Oriental Oil - Iran, PEDCO - Iran, Kavala OIL - Greece, Sunbelt - U.S.A., Noble Denton, KITO ENTERPRISES LLC, etc. During the contract period with the up mentioned companies, our personnel was evaluated, trained, tested and certified to perform specific high risk jobs, by authorized companies as: Sunbelt. Persian Gulf Air, Noble Denton, Mathews Daniel, etc.